Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Elliot Fletcher Arrest

I wish with all my soul that people can hear the story of Elliot Fletcher. Elliot was a potential NBA star that threw his life away for drugs. As a star player at UCLA, Fletcher gave the Bruins a great shot at a national championship. But on September 4th 2008 he was stopped by LA police and was found with 120 grams of pure herion. His mother reported his behavior but it was never followed up by police. " I told police that he was snorting herion, but I never got a follow up call and they never visited the house" said Donna Fletcher (mother). Although he occasionally smoke pot, his main preference was to snort vast amounts of herion. At the scene of his arrest he said to his sobbing mother, " I want to... Ill try to... I WILL quit!!" But to be noted he has been frequently high in prison.

Donna Fletcher stated in court " I think his herion abuse was meant to repair the impact of his father deserting us." His release from prison is set for summer of 2010, but his mother is trying to bargain an early release in exchange for 100 hours community service. Donna is the sister of the Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge. The picture of Elliots arrest can be found at

His rehab consultant Dr. Rex Furrmore is a close friend of the Ainges and is currently in the process of his first book "Herion Addicts and their lives"

"Donna gave me a cal one morning and told me of the unfortunate incident" reports Dr. Furrmore, "I admit I was disappointed, but Elliot has a good heart, and I know he can beat this".

To see pictures of Elliot(him, his arrest, his cell, his interactions,), Dr. Furrmore, and more, go to

Next Week: "I enjoy the Celtics" reports Donna Fletcher. Find out about the upbringing of the mother of Elliot.

Source: LA Times "From Baskets to Bars: The Elliot Fletcher Story" Pg. 2C

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